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Welcome to DO YOU - an empowering space for those who want to DO life LESS conventionally, and a lot more authentically.

Join Canadian writer and author and self-described "mystical goofball" Brianne Hogan (Washington Post, BuzzFeed, Elle, BBC, HelloGiggles, etc), for hilarious, inspiring, and cosmically conscious conversations with amazing guests, diving deep into topics like wellness, spirituality, relationships, entertainment, and entrepreneurship.

What does it mean to DO YOU in a world that asks us to conform and play small? And how does one pursue a life that reflects their TRUE essence? What does that look like? And how do we DO it?

Through Brianne's own story as well as in-depth interviews with various voices, DO YOU explores what it means to DO life as truthfully and creatively as possible. You will hear stories from people who continue to live out their dreams and follow their hearts despite setbacks, obstacles, and a world that often shames us for living our truth.

For all the late bloomers, black sheep, and wildflowers who think they're running behind or doubt their own journey yet long to live a life aligned with their soul, this is a place for you. Get ready for some heart-centered and honest chats, and lots of laughs.

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