DO YOU with Brianne Hogan

Brie's Bits: My Advice for Writers

October 18, 2021 brianne hogan
DO YOU with Brianne Hogan
Brie's Bits: My Advice for Writers
Show Notes

We're trying something new on the pod...Brie's Bits! 

Is it a euphemism? Well, maybe. If that's where your head's at.'s more about bite-sized podcasts on fun, insightful and curious topics and/or personal stories from Brianne, that hopefully leave you feeling inspired, informed, and entertained! 

What better way to kick things off with Brianne diving into her biggest takeaways when it comes to writing, and what has helped her 10+ year career in freelance writing with bylines in over 50 publications -- and two books! 

In this episode, she talks about: 

  • Her non-linear start to her career that didn't really take off until she was in her early 30s.
  • Why you don't need a fancy higher education to be a writer (but it's cool if you want to!)
  • Her first gigs, which she found on Craiglist (she doesn't recommend this now by the way), and how she was able to land them without any prior experience
  • Why she wholeheartedly believes you should only pitch what you WANT to write and not what you think others want to read.
  • How she was able to cement long-lasting relationships with editors.  

Have a question you'd like her to cover? Reach out to her below!

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