DO YOU with Brianne Hogan

1. Welcome to Do You with Brianne Hogan. I'm Brianne Hogan.

September 20, 2021 brianne hogan Episode 1
DO YOU with Brianne Hogan
1. Welcome to Do You with Brianne Hogan. I'm Brianne Hogan.
Show Notes

The very first episode of Do You with Brianne Hogan gets right into it. Here, podcast host Brianne Hogan (geez, how many times do I have to say my own damn name?) introduces herself and the podcast!

Canadian writer (Washington Post, BuzzFeed, Elle, BBC, HelloGiggles, etc)  and author (Friendship Signs, Joy in the Stars) and self-described "mystical goofball" Brianne Hogan (oh, look, I said my name again), a 38 year old, single Capricorn, kicks off the show by sharing her journey from highly sensitive "cry baby" kid to writing X-Files specs as a "wild and crazy" teenager to pursuing acting at NYU, and, eventually, saying good bye to her old dream that included marrying Ben Affleck and winning an Oscar by following her intuition and embracing a new dream -- writing.  

And, why and how she's committed to the phrase, DO YOU.

During the show she discusses: 

  • How and why she shifted her passion and purpose to one that feels more authentic
  • her spiritual journey, including her recent spiritual awakening 
  • hitting rock bottom, multiple times 
  • sharing a small cottage with her parents during her mid-30s and having a room without a door
  • why she doesn't think failures and mistakes are bad 
  • eating a gross ton of hot dogs 
  • her morning routine 
  • her tips for starting a writing career
  • Brad Pitt or John Mayer?
  • and what "do you" means to her and why

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