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How to Uplevel Your Business So It Aligns With Your Truest Vision with Katrina McKay

March 15, 2022 brianne hogan Season 1 Episode 16
DO YOU with Brianne Hogan
How to Uplevel Your Business So It Aligns With Your Truest Vision with Katrina McKay
Show Notes

Are you an entrepreneur trying to figure out which business idea to try out next? Or maybe you're someone who's had a meandering path and you're figuring out how to put together all the pieces of your career experience so it aligns with your true vision. If so, then Katrina McKay is here to help. 

Katrina is the charismatic founder & CEO of Uplevel Solutions Inc., a managed virtual assistant services company that helps clients save LOTS of time by outsourcing their admin work (and more!) to talented, well trained remote assistants. Uplevel is a social enterprise - in addition to helping clients grow, Uplevel creates sustainable working opportunities for women and LGBTQ+ folks in the Philippines. Katrina is passionate about social enterprise, innovation and the future of work. She’s been an entrepreneur for over a decade, and loves sharing practical business building tips to help others turn their visions into reality.

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • Her meandering journey from wannabe singer/actor to CEO 
  • How she went from "smoking joints with porn stars" to creating her own admin company
  • Why she regrets doing the "hustle and grind" thing and how she's embraced doing business with ease 
  • Why it's important to have a vision for your business -- and also why it's okay to change it
  • Her thoughts on working remotely and doing work that works best for you and your energy (aka not the 9-5 paradigm)
  • How self-worth is the key to asking for what you want 
  • The challenges and joys of being an entrepreneur
  • How calling herself out on her own bullshit made her a better CEO and helped her business to thrive

On the Patreon page, we discuss

  • astrology! human design! 
  • our hopes for business and entrepreneurship!
  • how to be a good person!
  • more thoughts on the journey of being an artist and entrepreneur! 

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