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Pleasure, Power and Pete Davidson with Jocelyn Kelly Reid

February 09, 2022 brianne hogan
DO YOU with Brianne Hogan
Pleasure, Power and Pete Davidson with Jocelyn Kelly Reid
Show Notes

"Desire is the gateway to everything." Does this sound like yummy goodness to the soul? Then you'll love this week's episode with  Jocelyn Kelly Reid.

Jocelyn  is a fiery AF Intuitive Business & Abundance Coach, and Feminine Energy Healer. She helps spiritual women truly understand what it means to collapse timelines and be a feminine CEO, so that they can receive their ultimate manifestations and money goals with ease; the quantum way.  

In her early years, Jocelyn was the classic definition of success. She went to an Ivy League school and worked in finance. On the outside she had everything a young professional would want, but on the inside felt somewhat empty. It wasn’t until a series of unfortunate events that rocked her world in her early 30s and sparked her spiritual awakening, that she looked for a fulfilling entrepreneurial career elsewhere. Since then, Jocelyn has cracked the codes to living life like a true queen — in her power, on purpose, and in wealth, that doesn't suppress her feminine soul!

Basically, if you want to learn how balance your energies in business, embrace your feminine wisdom, get rich, work WAY less, play more, fall in love with life again; experiencing all the pleasures of life (and who doesn't?) you'll want to tune in! 

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • how she transformed her life from unhappiness and debt-riddled to one of pleasure and luxury
  • why desire is the gateway to everything 
  • what it means to exhale and lean into your true feminine essence
  • how BIG money can be generated easily and fast when you're super aligned  
  • how breast massage and self-pleasure are portals to abundance 
  • what it means to be a modern witch
  • who would be worthy enough for her to take a ferry to Staten Island
  • Pete Davidson's vibe  

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